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How does Air Graffiti Wall Work?

As you press the infrared spray can, it emits an infrared light beam, which is tracked by the computer. Then AIR Graffiti software converts the beam into a virtual image that appears on the projector screen known as Digital Graffiti Wall, creating a vibrant and colorful drawing. The output is a digital image file that can be printed and/or shared via social media networks like facebook/twitter/email and more. You also have an option of saving the drawing process itself as a video file saved on your computer. Different drawing techniques can be used to create air graffiti: spraying, using virtual stencils, stamps, photo effects and drawing effects, applying specialized painting methods like dripping just like real graffiti make the experience so realistic. Air Graffiti also includes a selection of predefined backgrounds and branded covers, allowing you to adding a logo for giveaways, promotions and advertising.


Air Graffiti Philly Digital Graffiti Wall

This event Dazzles & Delights!

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Air Graffiti is the ultimate photo event entertainment activity re-Imagined with a digital twist. New, unique and interactive photo entertainment for your event on a giant 7'5" tall  x 10' wide digital graffiti wall.

Using ingenious IR-Enabled Spray cans we create safe realistic, digital spray paint graffiti via our Air Graffiti Software using nothing but infrared light. No paint, no smell , no mess, just the fun! Its so realistic event guests will shake the can.


 Air Graffiti creates unique and innovative event experiences that delight and leave guests with a great photo memory and a smile.

Air Graffiti Philly brings the latest innovative, interactive photo entertainment technology to your events.  Our digital graffiti wall creates the illusion of spray paint using our creative digital spray paint technology that uses only infrared light.  Select the color, width of spray, shading and cool effects like neon spray paint.

Our professional photographers take your group picture of up to 10 people at a time then allow you to personalize your image with digital spray paint, digital photo props and stencils before sharing it via email or social media.  Everyone gets a lab quality 4x6 print.



In the 22 years that we have been supplying Photo Fun & Technology, we have seen them all;

From Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs to Sweet 16's. Weddings to Divorce parties (Yes, we have), from 1st Birthdays to 80th Birthdays, from First Holy Communion to Graduations and School Events to Corporate Events!

camera  Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvahs

MAKE YOUR SPECIAL DAY EVEN MORE EXTRAORDINARY WITH A GREEN SCREEN FROM PHILLY GREEN SCREEN.  It's your big day! Everything is ready, the ceremony, the dress, the flowers , the reception, and now it's time for the FUN!   PHILLY GREEN SCREEN is there to capture the fun and excitement and provide you with lasting memories.

building  Corporate Events

It's your turn to plan the company event!  You need something fun, you need something professional, you need to impress your Boss' Boss!  PHILLY GREEN SCREEN will bring the right mix of fun and professionalism needed.  Our goal is to make your event an exciting success!

cake  Sweet 16's, Birthdays, Graduations & Parties

Surprise Party or not, you decide!  But, whatever type of party that you are hosting, PHILLY Green Screen has the right mix of fun and excitement.  The booth will keep your guests laughing and entertained. We supply both the Fun of the party and the memories of a  lifetime! 



We are Philly's Premier Digital Graffiti Wall Company. Our first party was on July 19, 2009! Since then, we have provided a Graffiti Walls, Photo Booths and green screens to literally thousands of parties. We LOVE providing the fun and we truly enjoy interacting with your guests. Even though we have provided thousands of booths, we are well aware that you want your party to be unique and special. You and your guests will not be disappointed! We strive to make your day SPECIAL. We are grateful that you will entrust us to provide the best service at the best price. So, Let's Get This Party Started, give us a call Now!


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