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MECC to offer art and photography classes
Individuals interested in improving their digital photography and editing skills can enroll in Photography 101 & 102-N1, offered Thursday evenings from 6-8:45 p.m. The course will cover the principles of photography and fundamental camera techniques.
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Photography glides on new technology
Johnson is not a professional photographer. She works at Easter Seals NJ, but as she is a hobbyist with a website,, her photographs have received attention and have been used by several publications, including Parsippany Life, and …

2015 NFL Predictions: NFC Playoffs March Madness Sweet 16

2015 NFL Predictions: NFC Playoffs March Madness Sweet 16
Its the Sweet Sixteen of our NFL Playoffs March Madness tournament, with the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks front and center. Anyone can make 2015 NFL predictions, so we took all 32 teams and re-created March Madness. NFL Playoffs March …
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Bobbi Kristina Brown's Family At War — Why Pat Houston Insists On 'Sweet 16
The Houston family is heartbroken over news of Bobbi Kristina Brown's death, but unfortunately, they just can't seem to agree on how to handle things now that she's gone. The latest source of contention? Pat Houston's plans for a Sweet 16-themed funeral.
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Children’s Parties

A serendipitous union of two almost invisible cells, an exciting but demanding nine months of expectance, a first glimpse on your precious little one—truly, every moment spent on and with your child is a celebration of life at its best. It is no wonder, then, why so many parents cannot help but prepare lavish parties in gratitude of another day, another month, another year in the life of a little one. However, as we all know, not everyone has the resources or the time to spend on throwing the most elaborate children’s parties. If you are looking for great but simple ideas on what to do for your little’s one party, look no further! Here are some things you may want to consider when party planning for your son or daughter.

First of all, consider throwing a themed party. A themed party does not have to be expensive at all. It all depends on which one you choose, and how elaborate you want to go. Always remember to stick to your budget! Your theme can go as basic as your child’s favorite color, or as specific as a favorite cartoon or a favorite movie. Just how much you want to decorate is up to you as well. Maybe you want to keep the theme limited to the music, the tablecloths and a few streamers—that’s great. On the other hand, you may also want to go as far as incorporating the theme into the food and having everyone dress up in costumes—that’s okay as well. Remember that when choosing a theme, you also don’t have to spend a lot on buying decors and party supplies. You can do most, or even all, of them if you are prepared to.

Second, remember to choose the games carefully, especially if you are having a lot of small kids over for the party. Choose age-appropriate games that cater to their interest. Additionally, as much as possible, try not to pick ones that may be too competitive for young children. It may be best to pick games that involve a lot of teamwork, as these games are not only fun, but they will also save you a lot of tears and a lot of tantrums. Alternatively, you can also choose to hold art and crafts activities. Just remember to be prepared for the clean up and for possible accidents!

Third, consider cooking your own food and baking your own cake. This may prove to be so much cheaper than having everything catered! Of course, you also have to consider that preparing everything yourself would take so much longer, so only do this if you have the luxury of time. You don’t have to prepare a very elaborate meal if you’re holding the party mid-morning or mid-afternoon. However, if you’re having people over at lunchtime or at dinner, it will be unethical to merely serve them snacks.

Of course, you cannot do all these alone. If you want your party to be a success, it is best to seek help from the professionals. For instance, you can get all your party supply needs from Irish Party Supplies. You can purchase birthday banners, fancy dress and other items online. The great thing about this shop is that they do not only cater children’s party. They also have party supplies for 21st birthdays, hen parties and stag parties. You can also order helium balloons from balloon shops such as Balloons Ireland.

Party planning does not have to be expensive. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend and how much time you are willing to give. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t throw the biggest party in your neighborhood.

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Armed demonstrators led by New Black Panther Party rally to protest Sandra

Armed demonstrators led by New Black Panther Party rally to protest Sandra
HEMPSTEAD, Texas – Dozens of heavily armed demonstrators rallied in Southeast Texas to protest the arrest and jail-cell death of a black woman arrested after a confrontation with a white state trooper during a traffic stop. About 25 demonstrators led …
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Judge delays ruling on Brookfield's third political party
DANBURY — It remains unclear whether the leadership of a small third political party in Brookfield is valid and if its required to hold a party-wide caucus. New members of A Brookfield Party filed a lawsuit last month against the group's original …
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Labor Day Party Ideas
{4} Vintage Party: What screams American more than a classic drive-in. Popcorn, Coca-Cola and hotdogs sounds just about right. Start your party later and, when dusk hits, project a movie on an old sheet or the side of your house for a vintage drive-in …
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How to Throw a Big Party in a Small Space
But when your deck doubles as your garage and your backyard is the size of a Prius, throwing a killer summer party can be challenging. Where will everyone sit? How many adults can I squeeze into a kiddie pool before it becomes weird? (Answer: three.) …
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Kids Parties

How to organise Kids Parties whilst keeping your sanity at the same time Children love parties but the mere mention of the words, ‘kiddies party’ can send certain adults into a state of panic. Bad memories of parties of old can cause flashbacks in the mind and images of unsuccessful games of pin the tail on the donkey or times when pass the parcel nearly created a mini-riot, can resurface once more. How can you ensure that your little one enjoys a fabulous kid’s party without having a nervous breakdown in the process?

Let someone else do the hard work when you organise the Kids Parties This is vital. You need professional help to ensure the party is success. Bring in a team of experienced party planners or better still, arrange for the party to be hosted at a special venue so all you have to do is turn up with the Birthday boy or girl and let them have a terrific time with all of their little friends. Parents who book venues to host the Kids Parties tend to enjoy the day as much as the children thanks to the lower stress levels.

Think of a fun theme for the Kids Parties Arrange laser tag or paintballing for all of the children that will be attending and the kids are in for a real treat. They’ll see this as an adventure and there are plenty of specialist sites available around the country and they provide entertainment for children of all ages. Packages can be selected that include food and drink along with loads of allocated time to zap or splat your way around a course.

Make sure you have fun as well when you take part in Kids Parties If the kid’s party is well organized, which it should be if a venue is in charge, you should have fun as well. The sound of childrens’ laughter is infectious so join in with the fun and games. You only live once and this is the prime opportunity to be a child again and relive some of those happy childhood memories. has a range of Kids Parties based around laser tag and paintball. If you’re planning any Kids Parties we’re sure to please; visit us today for more information!

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The Complete Digital Slr Photography Guide

A few Photography products I can recommend:

The Complete Digital Slr Photography Guide
The Complete Digital Slr Photography Guide
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The Science Of Great Landscape Photography
The Science Of Great Landscape Photography
Learn The Science Of Taking Great Landscape Photographs With Any Camera And A Few Basic Accessories With This .95 216-page Ebook(r)!
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Bridal Party 911

Summer wedding season is here. You’ve planned for the ceremony and reception, maybe resolved a few glitches, had a bridal shower or two, mailed invitations, and the big day is finally here!

The bride, groom, and attendants often arrive at the ceremony site for photos well ahead of the time that the ceremony is scheduled to begin, and then after photos are snapped, spend idle time waiting. During that time disasters can arise: a torn hem, a headache, chipped nail polish, and even lightheadedness or a queasy stomach.

Nerves and stress often escalate. By planning ahead and packing a bridal party emergency kit, you can salvage disasters, maintain sanity, reduce stress and even enjoy the excitement of waiting for the ceremony to begin. Except for a small supply of perishable foods, you can organize these supplies in zip lock bags two weeks before the wedding and be set to remedy any unwelcome surprise.

For technical difficulties:

White thread and needle
Thread color of attendants and mothers’ dresses and needle
Safety pins
Straight pins
Double faced tape (in case a hem falls out and there’s no time to sew)
Clear nail polish
Colored nail polish for repairs
Nail glue for repairs of artificial nails
Extra earring backs
Hair pins, if you wear your hair up
Extra make-up
Stain remover wipes
Hand wipes
Wash cloths and towel (include plastic bags for the used ones)
Nail clippers
Nail file or emery board
Contact lens materials

First aid:

First aid cream
Toothbrush and toothpaste (if you have a snack after you’ve left your house)
Breath mints
Headache relief meds
Hand sanitizer

Just in case:

Cell phone and charger
List of phone numbers you may need
List of people who are fulfilling assignments and their phone numbers

Refreshment rescue:

Save your pizza and pop for a Friday night movie at home and your iced tea for a picnic. This is the time for bottled water. If you really need some munchies, pack snacks such as apples, celery, carrots, pretzels, and cheese and crackers.

Avoid stress and find extraordinary treasures as you wait with family and friends. Tell funny stories, enjoy reminiscing. Savor the last moments of being single and anticipate the adventure that awaits you!

EnJOY your day!

Marilyn Nutter is the author of three devotional books, Dressed up Moms’ Devotions to Go, Tea Lovers’ Devotions to Go and Diva Delights Devotions to Go. She has also contributed articles to compilations and maintains a website at Marilyn enjoys speaking to women’s church and community groups about a variety of topics that lead them to find extraordinary treasures in ordinary and challenging days.

Scottish Weddings

The first Scottish weddings date back to the 13th century. In the medieval Celtic, the church would announce
Weddings in Scotland are believed to be the most romantic and the most and the most adventurous. Since the land is filled with nature’s beauty and man-made wonders, couples can choose whether they want to get married on top of a mountain or at a beach, in a wide field, in a lighthouse, a mansion or in a castle – anywhere you like!

Scottish Weddings
Scottish weddings date back to the medieval ages of the 13th century. In those times, weddings were announced in churches for three consecutive Sundays known as the “banns of marriage”. This has been practiced for years but since people had a difficult time with this, they were subjected to asking the couple to obtain the marriage license from the local register and get the permission to get married.
The “creeling of the bridegroom” was a tradition that Scottish people practiced before which made the bridegroom carry a large basket or a creel filled with stones on his back from one end of the village to the other end and would continue doing this until his bride would come out of the house and give him a kiss. Two wedding services were held in the church. The first service takes place outside the church where the priest weds them in Scottish ceremony and the second service would be inside the church where the priest would wed them in Latin ceremony.

In the modern times, Scottish weddings are not as ritualistic as before though still a lot of traditions are being practiced. The mother of the bride will shower her daughter with presents from friends and family which is equivalent to the “bridal shower” of other countries. The female couple brings gifts that would help the couple set up their new home. The stag party is more vulgar since it has been a practice for men to let the groom drink so much that he wouldn’t be aware when his friends leave him on the streets naked or tied up. More than 700 of customs is still being practiced and it is what every Scottish couple waits.

Guthrie Castle is one of Scotland’s most prized estates. It is where you can have the most romantic wedding and has been catering to couples who have decided to build their dreams together. Their official website at presents packages and information for couples who want to have their wedding either the traditional or the modern way.


“I write to live, I live to write”

Lennie Joyce


Sell Your Digital Photos – Freelance Photography –

Sell Your Digital Photos – Freelance Photography –
Sell Your Digital Photos - Freelance Photography -
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Simple Slr Photography Guides By Andy Lim
Simple Slr Photography Guides By Andy Lim
A Series Of Guides To Help Photographers Master A Key Aspect Of Wedding And Portrait Photography: Lighting With A Variety Of Methods: Speedlights, Available Light And Natural Light. Powerful Results Using The Most Basic Equipment.
Simple Slr Photography Guides By Andy Lim

Mitzvah Invitations, Bar Mitzvah Invitations and Bat Mitzvah Invitation Cards for Your Mitzvah Celebration

Mitzvah Invitations, Bar Mitzvah Invitations and Bat Mitzvah Invitation Cards for Your Mitzvah Celebration

For families, religion is one of the many shared things that unite them. Nothing reminds families of their bond more than the special Mitzvah Ceremonies meant to introduce children into the religion. That’s one reason why so many of these special Bar Mitzvah events are celebrated and why online shoppes carry such a large collection of Mitzvah stationery for these occasions. Whether it is Bar Mitzvah Invitations, or Bat Mitzvah Invitations, these websites offer the Religious Invitations that parents need at a price they can afford.

Best Selling Mitzvah Invitations

The Mitzvah is one of the most significant days in the religious lives of boys and girls. Not only do they become adults in the eyes of the Jewish faith, but they also receive an amazing party that rivals most Sweet 16 Party. Parents go all out for these parties so they don’t want to skimp on the quality of the Bar Mitzvah Invitation or the Bat Mitzvah Invitation.

Choosing Religious Invitations

Although many special occasions in a child’s life are significant, the religious ones tend to be something more profound. Not only does the Religious Invitation need to bring the relatives and family friends together for the special event but it also needs to reflect the seriousness of the celebration. Announcements created just for these moments are the best options for parents.

Customizing Bar Mitzvah Invitations,

The Mitzvah is also a highly significant religious celebration for young people and their families. The religious ceremony and the big party afterward take tons of planning and preparation so it’s only right that the invite be worthy of the occasion. Picking the perfect Invitations Bar Mitzvah is clearly going to be important for such an event.

Parents can choose from any of the designs on the e-commerce websites and customize them to better meet their needs. For example, font styles and ink colors can be changed. They can add their own message to the invitation instead of the default wording. They can even add a photograph of the guest of honor to the Invitations Bat Mitzvah. None of those alterations cost extra either.

Bar Mitzvah Invitation Purchasing

If parents still insist on going to a brick and mortar outlet for their invitations, the main reason is because they need to get that Bar Mitzvah Invites in a hurry. That makes sense because buying invitations sometimes takes a backseat to the rest of the planning. If cards are purchased online, delivery time concerns should not be an issue. As soon as the parents approve the proof, their Invitations Bar Mitzvah are printed and shipped so they will arrive quickly and can get in the mail in plenty of time. The Mitzvah Invitation will be exactly what they want, too.

A Wide Selection of Other Religious Invitations

When shopping online, parents can find the perfect Religious Stationery, for a wide range of religious events in their child’s life. From Bat Mitzvah Invites and Mitzvah Invitations, wedding invites, these sites have everything they could want. In fact, parents can even get suggestions for the invitation religious wording on the cards they choose thanks to a database full of free ideas and examples.

No matter what religious event the parents are sharing with their children and their other loved ones, choosing the perfect Mitzvah invitations or other religious stationery is the first step to a wonderful celebration for everyone involved. Nothing helps make the event wonderful like the perfect invites.

About the Author: Sarah Porter has written several articles about Free Bar Mitzvah Invitations, Printable Bat Mitzvah Invitation, Personalized Invitations Mitzvah, Printed , Cheap Mitzvah Religious Stationery, Online Bar Mitzvah Invites and many more for and

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Ken Duncan’s Photography Explained Workshop
Ken Duncan's Photography Explained Workshop
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