What you really need to know...

Q: Do we sub-contract out to other Companies?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! NEVER EVER! With Philly Photo Booths, your technician will most like be one of the owners or family of the company. Other Companies use us for sub-contracting, we are so good!


Q: Do you provide Graffiti Walls for outdoor events?

A: Absolutely not. Not only Temperature affects our equipment, but sunlight, humidity and wind are factors on our equipment as well as your guests.

Q: What does the equipment look like?

A: Our Graffiti Walls are professionally made and are very elegant looking. Photos are available below.  Many companies do not even show their equipment....Beware.

DSC_0045 DSC_0046


Q: Does the equipment have a monitor so waiting guests can partake in the FUN?

A: Yes! A 10 foot wide monitor, it's HUGE!

Q: Does the Graffiti Wall print out pictures on the spot?

A: Yes!  High quality & fast  speed. Pictures are printed on professional photo paper in seconds by professional commercial-grade printers.

Q: How many people can fit into the Graffiti Wall at once?

A: The Digital Graffiti Wall has had a max of 15 people at 1 time, but of course, no background was visible. To ensure a true Green Screen experience, we suggest a max of 4 people!!!

Q: What if I want more than one copy of the same image?

A: Not a problem. We will print a picture for EACH person in the picture!

Q: My event is on the third floor of a building…do you have a equipment that will fit in a passenger elevator?

A: Yes! As long as the door is at least 32″ wide.

Q: Is the equipment easy to use?

A: We take care of everything!

Q: Will there be someone at the event to maintain the photo booth?

A: Yes. A photographer and technician will accompany the equipment to your event. They will monitor the equipment constantly to insure it’s running properly.

Q: Do we need to provide?



Access to a standard 20 amp 110 volt circuit will provide adequate power.



For printer and props if desired


WiFi Access:  

Please provide a password to on-site WiFi for social media sharing, and email features


Q: I live outside your regularly serviced area. Can we rent a Digital Graffiti Wall?

A: If you live within 30 miles, we will be there free of charge. Outside of this, transportation fees may apply.

Q: Are you licensed?

A: Yes, we operate as INXS, Inc. a Delaware Corporation.

Q: Will you publish our photos anywhere else?

A: No,only with your permission except for a select few for advertising and marketing purposes.

Q: My event is over a year away, do I need to reserve the digital wall now?

A: You certainly don’t have to. However, reservations inside a year fill up rapidly. We do not reserve dates without a minimum 50% non refundable fee. We will accommodate a change of date if we have availability.

Q: Do you provide props?

A: Yes, we brings many different colored hats, boas, inflatable toys, etc.

Q: How much space is required?

A: AirGraffiti uses rear projection technology and requires a space of about 20' x 15'

Does the Graffiti Wall need darkness?

A The technology is a low light, nightime event technology, best results are achieved in low light conditions, the darker the better!

Q: Do I need to be concerned about paint fumes or permits?

A: No paint, no smell, no fumes, no danger, no way!  AirGraffiti is all digital, not only are fumes not a problem but we also never run out of paint! No special permit required. 

Q: How do I book Air Graffiti for an event?

A: Simple - call or email us.  We will confirm the availability and send you a simple agreement via email.   Contact Us... 

Q: How long does setup take?

A: Approximately 2 hours depending on load in requirements.  Tear down takes about an hour.  



We are Philly's Premier Digital Graffiti Wall Company. Our first party was on July 19, 2009! Since then, we have provided a Graffiti Walls, Photo Booths and green screens to literally thousands of parties. We LOVE providing the fun and we truly enjoy interacting with your guests. Even though we have provided thousands of booths, we are well aware that you want your party to be unique and special. You and your guests will not be disappointed! We strive to make your day SPECIAL. We are grateful that you will entrust us to provide the best service at the best price. So, Let's Get This Party Started, give us a call Now!


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